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Best Kodi Addons for movie/live TV

Kodi (XBMC) is a free and open-source media player programming application created by the XBMC Foundation, a non-benefit innovation consortium. Kodi is accessible for different working frameworks and equipment stages, with a product 10-foot UI (User interface) for use with TVs and remote controls. 
This live TV addon has a perfect and clear interface that helps you explore and switch between stations simply like you are watching programs on a satellite TV. Kodi Addons works on various devices like Android, Mac, Windows, Linux and much more.

Here we share the list of best add-ons for watching live TV on Kodi.

1. Exodus

Exodus is popular Kodi add-on which helps to watch movies and TV show. It is developed by Lambda. You can also download the movie for watching offline with subtitle. It is the best platform for watching any TV show whatever you want. Exodus is available in Fusion Installer.

Exodus does not support Library integration. You can search the media by the name of actress and actor. Motion picture information is scratched from IMDb, and you can channel postings in light of that data.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix is best to live TV add-on for Kodi device to watch movie, TV show and sports. Phoenix provides access various custom channels accessible with an assortment of substance. For International channels, you follow the Crusader88. Phoenix is available in Fusion Installer.

It is routinely refreshed along this way you can observe every day something new. Apart From this, you can watch HD and 3D movies.


The Popularity of SALTS grows very rapidly in add-ons for Kodi. You can Stream All The Sources from SALTS. On it, you can watch the movies and TV shows. SALTS is available in the Fusion repository. SALTS provide free service, no paid services require.


USTV NOW is most popular add-ons in the US. It provides you 6 free US based channel for free and if u want more channel then you go with paid version ($19/month) offering 28 channel. USTV NOW require the only email address for registration. Without registration, you can’t access USTV NOW on Kodi.

USTV NOW offers generally fewer channels right now (CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox News), however, it is positioned at a top in the best Kodi add-ons for live TV because of its prevalence in the United States.

5. Stream Engine

Stream Engine is best Kodi add-ons for watch live TV show. From this, you can categorise channels based on their categories. You can show Discovery, FX, Fox Movies, MTV, Cartoon Network, CBBC, ESPN HD, Sky Sports, Fox Sports, NBA TV and much more.

If you want to watch your favourite TV shows. It contains the list of most popular TV shows.

6. cCloud TV

cCloud TV is a live TV addon that you can use with your Kodi device. It gives you access to countless channels for all age bunches. It's a cloud-based TV addon, henceforth its name. You can get to multi-lingual channels with this addon.
You can also watch the international program on this add-on on Kodi device. You can watch the news, sports, live TV and much more.

7. BBC iPlayer

iPlayer WWW is another add-on for Kodi to watch TV shows and catch up TV. You can watch TV shows and radio content from BBC iPlayer site. You can only stream British TV program, news, sports and much more.

This add-on gives you a definitive extravagance to live stream your most loved shows on Kodi with no whine. iPlayer WWW is available on the default Kodi repository.

8. Navi-X

Navi-X is the oldest add-on for Kodi to watch live TV. Millions of users trust it. It provides live Universal TV, live games activity like NBA matches, football matches, Golf matches, IPL cricket matches and much more. You can likewise watch most recent Hollywood movies pictures, your most loved music, TV appears etc.

The main advantage of this add-on is marked on your channel and adds your favourite list. Install it from Super Repo.

9. Vdubt 25

Vdubt 25 looks like simple but it is the successful add-on for Kodi. It allows watch live streams of a famous TV show (Game of Thrones) and it offers country based channel like UK Live TV, Ireland Live TV, USA live TV and so on. It offers to watch various HD TV shows, movies, music and sports. 

10. FTV

FTV (FilmOnTV) is a UK based contrasting option to USTVNow. This add-on contains a lot of entertainment media, offering sports, frightfulness, satire and much more. The FTV add-on, however, requires a FilmOn represent utilising the recording highlight.

11. BOB

BOB is another best add-on for a code. This add-on is new age add-on. It holds most popular media program you can easily watch HD movies, music, sports and Live TV. There is no need to search any list for playing a stream.

You can download the BOB from the official repo. BOB comes out huge of media library after the takeoff of Phoenix, Blue and Valhalla.

12. Veetle

Veetle is the best add-on for Kodi device to watch TV shows like Star Trek. You can watch movies and sports. The work of Veetle is time-consuming which offers full endearment media library. This add-on is available in Fusion Installer. 

Conclusion: In Above article we specified 12 best Kodi add-on for movie/live TV. All these add-ons help you to watch TV show and movie hopefully. Up to my insight, I had given you an unmistakable and genuine data about Kodi add-on. There is such a large number of Kodi add-on, among them, I have incorporated some simply because of my own involvement. In the event that you have any inquiries with respect to this article mercifully post a remark underneath. We are constantly here to help you. Much obliged to you.


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