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Best Free Songwriting Apps for Android and iOS

Everyone listen to the songs and most of the people want to the write the song. Songs explain your emotion and creativity. People want to write the song but there has no platform to write the song and save it. Here we share best songwriting software and app which helps you to create a beautiful music. In Software and App inbuilt different features which help you write a beautiful song. You can easily write the song whenever you want.

5 Best Songwriting Software:
1. Easy Songwriter

Easy Songwriter is easily and quickly software to write the song step by step. Make and record your own tunes without playing an instrument. Record your voice "Karaoke" style together with synchronised verses and harmonies. You can also create a demo class with special effects.

Key features:

· Multi track recorder.

· Change the tempo.

· Use cannel mixer.

· Sing and form the tune while the synchronised verses and harmonies are shown.

· Apply reverb special effects.

·  Playback function.

2. Ableton Suite

Ableton Suite is the best software to write the song. You can easily create, produce and perform music within one intuitive interface. It provides flexible accumulation of instruments, sounds, units and circles for making any sort of music and gives a full supplement of impacts to change and process your sound.

Key features:

· Effect Racks

· 1600 expressive sounds

· Thousands of sound templates

· Track recording

·  Loop syncing

3. ChordPluse

ChordPlus is another songwriting program which helps you to write the song without any backup bands.  You can rehash particular parts, ace tunes and fare your manifestations to MIDI records. This is an outstanding system that music sweethearts would projection utilising. It gives 14 day trial period after that you can purchase it.

Key features:

· 102 music Style

· 16 chord type

· Change the Song key

· Change the tempo

4. HookPad

Hook pad is the best program for songwriting. For this program, you can create amazing chord progressions and melodies. Hook pads harmony palette assembles the harmonies that function admirably together in a specific key. With only several ticks, you can construct an extraordinary harmony movement.

Key features:

· EDM bass

· A synth pad

· A violin section

· Powerful MIDI creation

5. MasterWriter

MasterWriter is songwriting program that will take into account your each need while you compose melodies and make the ideal music for it. This is a word reference programming and can be utilised by both musicians and artists. It has a definitive rhyme lexicon, phrases, word families, association abilities, versatility and increasingly that will make songwriting a breeze. You can save your data. The features of this software are amazing which help to write a fantastic song.

5 Best App for Songwriting:

1. EverNote:

Evernote is the amazing platform for making the note. If you want to write the song and create the idea in your mind for lyrics, Evernote is the best platform for it. It stored in the cloud. Notes can be composed or recorded as a sound recording. Evernote plus Provide 1 GB of new uploads each month. Evernote Premium provide 10 GB of new uploads each month.

Key Features:

· Share your Ideas

· Sync Anywhere

· Get Organised

· Home Screen Widget

If you want more features you can upgrade Evernote. Evernote Plus ($3.99 monthly, $34.99 annually) and Evernote premium ($7.99 monthly, $69.99 annually) is full of amazing features.

Rating: 4.6 Available on: Android and iOS

2. Soundcloud:

SoundCloud offers a family of products for all listeners and creators. Find amazing music in every kind with Soundcloud graphs, from unsurpassed greats to the most current and most sizzling tracks. Connect with companions and associate with your most loved specialists specifically. It is free and paid version also available. Soundcloud GO is just $4.99/month and Soundcloud GO+ is just $9.99/month.

Rating: 4.4 Available on: Android and iOS

3. Songwriter’s Pad:

Songwriter’s Pad is another best songwriting app for the songwriter. Everything is available in this app for the songwriter. The main focuses of this are creation through lyrics. This app does not act in the cloud. You can write first 2 songs free of cost.

Key features:

· Find Words that Rhyme

· Define And fine Similar words

· Chord Notation

· Notes

· Re code your ideas

Rating: 3.6 Available on: Android and iOS

4. Nanostudio:

Nanostudio is the best app for songwriting. This app records your ideas in real time, mix synth layers with samples, compose and arrange your tune using the powerful sequencer and bring the mix alive with effects such as compression and EQ.
You can share your tune on SoundCloud from wherever you are or utilize the complete sound mix down choices and MIDI fare highlight to get your thoughts over to your desktop DAW when you get back home. It is free of cost.

Key features:

· Sequencer

· Mastering

· 16 sample trigger pad

· Built-in help

· Audio copy/paste

· Send project, MIDI files and samples

· Mixer with 4 inserts per channel

Available on: iOS

5. Suggester:

Suggester is songwriting program and chord progression. You can easily find the chords that work together. In this app, pick chords from our huge catalogue. It explores classic chord progression. You can save your experimentation for later reference. You can also use Drop and Drag to recorder chords. For delete the chord, Swipe it right to left. You can also open the MIDI file in another app. In the free version, some feature is locked but for unlocking, you can purchase the paid version.

Key features:

· Fully supports device rotation on iPad.

· Optimized for Retina Display.

· Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Available on: iOS


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